Your Stay We encourage everyone to come and look around Kilmar House. You do not need to make an appointment, please feel free to drop in anytime. We pride ourselves on having a totally open and transparent environment where family and friends are able to visit you whenever they wish. Either before or after your visit we would also encourage you to look on the CQC website where you will find us and our latest inspection reports.

If you decide Kilmar House is the right place for you then Stephen will come and meet with you in your own home to discuss your needs and wishes. This is an opportunity for you to explain exactly what you want from Kilmar House and how we can ensure you receive the care tailored to you. We do understand that moving into a care home is a big decision and that is why we are happy to arrange a trial stay for you of a few weeks to see how you like it.

We can also help you if you just need a break and wish to holiday here for a week or two. If a room is available we are happy to assist you. This can also help if you are thinking of moving to a care home but perhaps not for a little while. It gives you a flavour of what we are all about. If you would like to come and visit us weekly for a day out we can assist in this area as well. This can help you to make friends and take part in activities for the day. We can also provide you with home cooked meals and a bath or shower if you would like.

We love our home and we are very passionate about what we do, however if you were buying a house it is usual that you would look at more than one before you found your home. We believe it is the same for a care home, after all this will be your home and you need to be sure you will be happy. There are other homes in the area and we would encourage you to visit them as well. We hope you will love Kilmar House as much as we do and we would be honoured for you to make this your home but we would like you to be sure about your decision and you need to be sure you will be happy and comfortable

When considering moving into a care home you will probably have lots of questions. Stephen, the manager, will assist you with all of your query’s and can direct you to other professionals who maybe able to assist you with aspects of your stay such as social services. You will be at the centre of all of your care planning when staying with us and staff will act only with your consent with regards to your care. Our care plans are signed by the resident to ensure you have knowledge of everything being planned about your stay. The plans are consistently updated and you will be fully involved with all of these.