Your Home Kilmar House has 15 bedrooms, some of which are ensuite and all of which are very close to a toilet. Your room can be decorated to your own preferencebefore you arrive and you are encouraged to bring any furniture or items which are important to you for your own personal space. We can arrange for a telephone line to be fitted into your room if you would like.

We have a full walk in wet room and a bath with a bath hoist enabling you to choose how you wish to bathe. Although the home is small, the house is large and spacious which means there is lots of communal space for people to share. We have a large living room and dining room and a quiet library area. We also have a computer area with a specially adapted computer for all of our residents to use and we have wireless internet throughout the home and a laptop to enable residents to use this within their own rooms.

Outside we have a large, fully accessible garden which has been adapted to ensure all residents can enjoy the area and partake in gardening if they wish. We have a large kitchen garden where our cook harvests fruit and vegetables for the meals and we even boost our own, very productive, lemon tree! You are free to use our garden for entertaining your visitors or even holding outdoor events if you wish to.

The staff at Kilmar House are lead by Stephen, the manager. The staff all have NVQ training or are undertaking the new Diploma qualification. They all must complete a strict and rigorous 13 week induction period within the home and their training continues throughout their employment. We expect very high standards of the staff and they are all very proud to work at Kilmar House, you will quite often see them here on their days off, popping in to see the residents!

Down load our Kilmar brochure here: Kilmar House Brochure